The best salsa I have ever had.  I can eat a whole jar in one sitting so if you buy some make sure you buy a few!!  You can't go wrong with any flavor.  I love them all!!! - Destiny Rudolph


Ever since I've been spoiled with this salsa, I've looked at every store in Cheyenne for high quality salsa, but nothing compares.  Truly a tier above the rest, and I will always want more! - Vic Miller


This salsa is hands down the best!! The roasted chili is my FAVORITE!! Highly recommended if you're looking for great flavor, fresh taste and a little heat!! -Taylor Stokes


My family and I absolutely love this salsa, especially the roasted chili pepper.  We seem to burn through it and always need more.  My advice is to buy more than one jar of salsa! - Bethany Jennings